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New! Ace Bio Plus Mineral Pot - portable Water Filter
. 5 Star Recommendation

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Ace Bio Plus - Portable Water Filter
Ace Bio Mineral Pot - portable Water Filter1 litre capacity
Ace Bio Mineral Pot - portable Water FilterBPA free materials
Ace Bio Mineral Pot - portable Water Filter10 stage filter technology
Ace Bio Mineral Pot - portable Water FilterRemoves fluoride, chlorine, bacteria
Ace Bio Mineral Pot - portable Water FilterIncludes replaceable Filters that lasts 4800 litres or 24 months
Ace Bio Mineral Pot - portable Water FilterIncludes insured delivery within New Zealand
Ace Bio Plus Mineral Pot - portable water filter

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Includes delivery
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Orders are usually dispatched (from New Zealand) the same day - or the very next working day!
Replacement Parts
Pre Filter Pads - for the Ace Bio Plus
Ace Bio Mineral Pot - portable Water FilterIncludes 80 x white Pre Filter Pads
Ace Bio Mineral Pot - portable Water FilterEach lasts 10 days = 800 days total
Ace Bio replacement Pre Filter Pads
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2 year Full Filter Pack - for the Ace Bio Plus
Ace Bio Mineral Pot Plus 2 year filter pack3 x Sub Micron Pre Filter Holders - 2 x spare
Ace Bio Mineral Pot Plus 2 year filter pack80 x Sub Micron Pre Filters
Ace Bio Mineral Pot Plus 2 year filter pack1 x Upper Filter Holder
Ace Bio Mineral Pot Plus 2 year filter pack4 x Upper Filters
Ace Bio Mineral Pot Plus 2 year filter pack1 x Funnel
Ace Bio Mineral Pot Plus 2 year filter pack1 x Main Filter
Ace Bio Mineral Pot Plus 2 year filter packInstruction Manual
Ace Bio Mineral Pot Plus 2 year filter packLasts 4800 litres or 24 months
Ace Bio Mineral Pot Plus 2 year filter packBPA free materials
Ace Bio Mineral Pot Plus 2 year filter packIncludes insured delivery within New Zealand
Ace Bio Plus 2 year Full Filter Pack

Ace Bio Plus 2 year Full Filter Pack

Ace Bio Plus 2 year Full Filter Pack

On special

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Includes delivery
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~ Ace Bio Plus portable water filter ~
drink water as nature intended!

JUICERS NEW ZEALAND About the Ace Bio Portable Water Filter
JUICERS NEW ZEALAND Product Description
JUICERS NEW ZEALAND Features and Benefits Summary
JUICERS NEW ZEALAND Contaminates Removed - Test Report
JUICERS NEW ZEALAND Comparison Chart - compare water treatments
JUICERS NEW ZEALAND Contents of Packaging - what comes with your portable water filter
JUICERS NEW ZEALAND Awards and Certification
JUICERS NEW ZEALAND Warranty - Lifetime
JUICERS NEW ZEALAND Testimonials / Reviews

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  • Contaminates Removed / Test Report
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About the Ace Bio Plus Water Filter - top

ACE BIO PLUS Mineral Pot - drink water as nature intended

Product DescriptionProduct Description

The new design Ace Bio Plus+ Mineral Pot provides Pure Water anytime, anyplace!

Boasting non porous BPA free Perspex with a 1 x litre capacity, makes it ideal for domestic use, work or travel. A portable and effective solution for providing safe drinking water, wherever you go.

The Ace Bio Plus Mineral Pot is the culmination of over 40 years of experience and research into water filtration by some of the worlds leading water research scientists, with a specific outcome in mind. This is simply to replicate nature's principle for filtration of water, thus producing from tap water the equivalent of natural spring mineral water.

Waters Co was first to market with natural gravity fed systems, creating alkaline mineral water way back in 1984; and have continued to lead the market in research and development, setting the benchmark for all other brands to follow.

Featuring an unmatched in class '10 stages' of sterilising, filtration and activation, the Ace BIO Plus turns ordinary tap water into great tasting, alkalised, energised, magnetised and ionised mineral water.

To do this we have incorporated our patented multiple stage filtration components, using NSF certified media, membrane filters, activated silver ionised carbon, magnets and Somelite to restore natural energy and hexagonal micro cluster water cell structure. The results is clean, fresh, alkaline, energised mineral water with a taste you'll love. Highly effective in hydrating cells, giving you more energy and a stronger immune system.

It re-mineralises and ionises ordinary tap water, while filtering out / removing the following:

  • dirt
  • rust
  • cysts
  • chlorine
  • bacteria
  • sediment
  • fluoride
  • chemicals
  • heavy metals
  • residual pesticides
  • unpleasant odours

Features and Benefits SummaryFeatures and Benefits Summary

  • Ace Bio Plus Mineral Pot has a 1 litre capacity
  • Filter life 4800 litres - or 24 months - replaceable cartridges
  • All natural gravity fed system
  • Pre-filter membrane reduces: dirt, rust, sediment, bacteria and cysts
  • Special patented nano activated carbonate compound for fluoride reduction up to 99% removal
  • Activated coconut shell carbon bonded with silver reduces most common impurities to 99% including chlorine, chemicals, heavy metals (lead, copper etc) and bacteria
  • Healthy hydrated ladyQuickly turns tap water into alkaline mineral water
  • Clean, fresh tasting, energised water
  • Great for home, workplace or travel
  • Portable for hiking, sports, travel, camping and work
  • Fits in most refrigerators
  • Economical and easy hydration for around 3 cents per litre
  • Reduction in landfill waste from discarded and expensive shop-bought water bottles
  • Reduction in carbon & fossil fuels related to production & transportation of bottled water
  • Replaceable filter life cycle up to 2,400 litres or 24 months
  • Compact size and lightweight: – no electricity or tap connection required
  • Creates water with an ORP of up to -250 - will vary based on source water
  • Creates Alkaline water with pH value of 7.5 – 8.5 - will vary based on source water
  • Magnetised, creating 'hexagonal' water molecules
  • Bio ceramics produce far infra-red rays to give life & energy back to water
  • Organic Germanium
  • Special Bio-Ceramic balls giving far infrared Ki - life energy
  • Life Time Warranty
  • BPA free materials

Powerful FilterPowerful Filter

Removes impurities.

The Ace Bio Plus Water Filter significantly reduce chemicals, heavy metals and bacteria from tap water.

Water quality tests show that the Ace Bio Plus Water Filter remove up to 99.9% of chlorine - a harsh, unpleasant tasting toxic chemical used to disinfect bacteria in municipal tap water.

Remains FreshRemains Fresh

Clean water, every time.

Water remains fresh, even during storage.

To help remove and prevent the propagation of harmful bacteria the Ace Bio Plus Water Filter contains long lasting silver-activated coconut shell carbon, magnets, bio ceramics and Somelite™ coral sand.

The result? Cleaner, healthier, great tasting drinking water for you or your family's hydration needs. Pets too.

Mineral WaterMineral Water

Supplies trace elements.

The Somelite™ coral sand re-mineralises water, working together with bio ceramics to enrich water with around 60 essential sea based minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium.

A mineral deficient diet can contribute to significant health problems, causing mental and physical symptoms that affect everyday behaviour.

A good source of mineral-rich hydration, together with proper nutrition, can give the body minerals it needs to stay in good health.

Ionised WaterIonised Water

Introduces negative ions.

Beneficial negative ions abound in Nature in good quality air and some naturally occurring minerals.

The minerals in the Ace Bio Plus Water Filter significantly reduces the positive ion count of the tap water filtered through its filter medium.

Our patented Bio ceramics, which emit a far-infrared energy into the water creating negative ions which increase the energetic nature of the water giving it life and creating a clean fresh taste.

Also helps to reduce the water molecule size to help you hydrate faster and reduce acidic build up in our cells.

It's an AlkaliserIt's an Alkaliser

Alkaline water neutralises acidity.

Stress and over consumption of processed, acidic foods and drinks disturb the blood's natural alkaline balance of pH 7.4.

Alkaline water neutralises acidityThis balance is critical to preserving good health and immunity, as degenerative disease thrives in an acidic environment.

The Waterman minerals produce an alkaline pH of around 8.5 – 9.5 in the filtered water.

This aids your body in neutralising the acidic build up from our lifestyles and diets and helps to restore optimum functionality to major organs and immune system, while noticeably increasing energy and concentration.

It efficiently delivers fresh, easy-to-drink alkaline water, wherever you are.

It is lightweight and easy to take it with you so that you never need to go thirsty or drink acidic drinks again (Teas, coffee, soft drinks and most bottled water).

Most people say that the taste is excellent, clean and crisp - as water should be!

It's Magnetised!It's Magnetised!

Restores water's natural structure.

It's Magnetised!The Ace Bio Plus Water Filter contains special magnets, which restore waters natural hexagonal cell structure, giving a reduced cluster size and surface tension.

This enables the water to penetrate into your cells faster and with greater ease, thus increasing your rate of hydration.

De-oxidised waterDe-oxidised water

Combats cellular damage.

The ORP (Oxidation reduction potential) value of the mineral water from the Ace Bio Plus Water Filter is very close to the structure of the water in a living cell.

Giving this water a greater cellular affinity for hydration and helps to combat cellular and DNA damage from acidic lifestyles.

No LeechingNo Leeching

BPA Free and no leeching.

Once the water has been filtered it is of critical importance that it is kept in a vessel that will not contaminate it.

Waters Co use a number of different reservoir technologies as appropriate to each products purpose. Most importantly they are BPA (Bisphenol A) free and non leeching.

Contaminates Removed / Test Report - top

Contaminates Removed / Test Report
Elements Why it's undesirable in tap water Reduce up to (%)
Chlorine Bad taste & odour. Formation of Trihalomethane (THM) 99.9
Fluoride Darkens teeth, Thyroid problems 99.9
Bacteria   99.9
Lead (Pb) Delays in physical & mental development in children.
Kidney problems & high blood pressure in adults
Copper   99.9
Aluminium Suspected cause of Alzheimers disease 99.9
Mercury   99.9
Cadmium Kidney damage 99.9
Arsenic   99.9
Diazinon   99.9

Comparison Chart - top

Comparison Chart
  Ace Bio Plus
Water Filter
Mineral Water
Tap Water Other Natural
Gravity Purifiers
Reverse Osmosis
Type Filters
Contaminants Removal Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Reduced Water Yes No No No No
Small Water Cluster Yes No No No No
Minerals Yes Yes No No No
Antibacterial Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Negative Ions Yes No No No No
Organic Germanium Yes No No No No
Alkaline Water Yes - No No No

ACE BIO PLUS Mineral Pot - drink water as nature intended

  • Testimonials
  • Contents of Packaging
  • Awards & Certification
  • Specifications
  • Warranty
Testimonials - Vita Juice Juicer Reviews - top

What our customers are saying...
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ACE BIO Mineral Pot - portable water filter

2017, March. C.M., Timaru, South Canterbury, New Zealand.
'I moved to Timaru in 2016, and the water is usually disgusting.

I am a builder and know I need lots of water to keep me hydrated, but the water supply in Timaru is so disgusting that I was drinking lots of coffee to disguise the taste of Timaru water.

I used to drink distilled water and filtered water at home, but town water since I moved to Timaru.

Timar's water makes me feel very tired, and because I was not drinking enough, I became very dehydrated.

A few months ago Dad came and encouraged me to assemble a ACE BIO 1.5 litre Mineral Pot that he gave me as a gift earlier. After setting up the water filter and throwing out the first batch of water, I tried the second batch and really liked it! It tasted so good and I could not wait to take the filtered mineral water to work and use in cooking.

My health has picked up and I am more hydrated again and feeling great. My wife's skin looks better too!

The ACE BIO water filter is easy to use and very convenient, as I can put it anywhere and even take it with me when I travel.'

ACE BIO Mineral Pot - portable water filter

J. Ryan, New Zealand.
'Last year we took the large ACE BIO Mineral Pot with us to Bali, Indonesia and drank the local water with no problems while other people around us had to buy bottled or became sick.

Both my wife, our children and myself now find it difficult to drink other water as once it is filtered through the mineral core it becomes refreshing and replenishing in a way that is superior to any other water but difficult to define: it just ‘feels’ and tastes better to drink.

Just as we have done to many family and friends: we highly recommend this product [ACE BIO Portable Water Filter] – no matter where you live or what water you are drinking.'

ACE BIO Mineral Pot - portable water filter

A. Rollinson, New Zealand.
'The water is clear and fresh, making any other tap water taste and smell noticeably of chorine – even the bottled water you buy tastes somewhat metallic in comparison. When the filters are changed you can see the amount of sediment collected which is quite horrifying. Skin is softer, hair more manageble and you use less product...

We highly recommend the portable water filters [ACE BIO Portable Water Filter] and the shower filters [Waters Therapy Shower Filter] – we always take them away with us and find they make a huge difference...'

ACE BIO Mineral Pot - portable water filter

M. M., Upper Hutt, New Zealand.
'April 1997 saw me buying a ACE BIO Mineral Pot for my family. My neighbor and I were discussing the drinking water one-day and she remarked that she had just bought a Mineral Pot [ACE BIO Portable Water Filter] for her family and had really noticed a difference in their various complaints. After following a tasting test with tap water and mineral pot water I was amazed at the difference between them in taste. After discussion and talk with the representative for Mineral Pots... I decided to purchase one and see what effect it had on my family.

My family consists of five people and each one of us could recognize something that we would monitor with Mineral Water to see if there were any significant changes. I list the following results.

My husband is 58 years of age and is a diabetic, suffers from severe cramps in the legs and hypertension. Within two weeks of drinking only Mineral Water (as a cold drink) and having tea/coffee also made with Mineral Water – he was able to stop taking his tablets for cramp, reduce his hypertension tablets by one per day and his diabetic sugar count decreased by 4 points. E.g. prior to Mineral Water, reading was 13.7, after two weeks of Mineral Water his reading was 9.5.

NOW he is able to walk our 13 and a half-acre farm after full days work and still does not suffer with cramps. He also does not now drink diabetic drinks – has the occasional beer – tea/coffee made with Mineral Water and Mineral Water ice blocks in milk. His health has improved immensely, and as is known – diabetics are susceptible to Ulcers if the injure themselves. He recently had a nasty fall cutting his kneecap open on steel. I bathed his knee with swabs of hot Mineral Water regularly, and this did not ulcerate at all or get infected.

I am 53 years of age, have raised a family of six children and lead a very busy life with school boards and running a farm as well – just to mention a few. I have very bad Arthritis from my hips down and in my elbows. I had to buy a farm bike because I could not walk from paddock to paddock to feed out. Since being on Mineral Water I have slowly and steadily been able to reduce the need for anti-inflammatory medication. I also used to get very tired and showed some signs of depression and not really caring about my appearance at times. NOW I also walk the 13 and a half-acre farm, can carry a bale of hay. I and back knitting and sewing, and even riding a two wheeler bike and walking. My immune system seems to have improved, having only had one cold this winter and my general stamina is terrific. I also only drink Mineral Water – tea/coffee with Mineral Water. I cook all vegetables in Mineral Water and the flavor is far more pleasant, and the vegetable are more like crisp blanched vegetables, not ones that taste as though they have never been washed. I am now only taking arthritis tablets once a day instead of 3 times a day.

My 16-year-old daughter has cerebral palsy with complications and has also found that her energy levels have increased since the ACE Mineral Pot came into her life. Her acne skin has almost cleared away and now only at certain times gets an outbreak. This child was one that needed high levels of drinks – e.g. orange juice, coke, lemonade etc – now only very occasionally does she ask for this type of drink. Mineral Water goes to school in drink bottles. Her hair is not as oily and her skin is of better condition.

My daughter of 12 years of age has also experienced many of the same things as her sister. Also her energy level has risen substantially and she will go for either a four-kilometer walk or bike ride each night. Approaching her teenage years, she has already seen that her skin is far better in condition than some of her classmates. She also drinks only Mineral Water in hot and cold drinks.

My son of 4 and a half years of age calls this his "HAPPY WATER". Everywhere we go he asks for happy water to drink and gets some very strange looks. He is a very hypo-active child who loves sweet drinks, ice-blocks, fizzy drinks, and lollies. Since we have had the Mineral Pot which is accessible to him at all times – he never asks for any of the above things. He also had a problem with concentration as this has improved ten-fold since April. He now sleeps 10 hours minimum at night eats three meals a day – before he would only pick at his food. He is concentrating on his lessons at day care as well as his individual speech tuition and the improvement is amazing. He also had very poor teeth – having had something like 9 fillings since the age of two years old. At his latest check-up his specialist could not believe that there was no further decay in his mouth.

Our family is sold on the Mineral Pot, and when we go caravan or boating or even just on a picnic, the Mineral Pot is part of the essential items. I can leave Coke, Fanta, Lemonade or Cordial in my fridge for three to four weeks at a time and my children NEVER ask for it or help themselves to it. It is usually the visitors who drink it if my 4 and a half-year-old cannot sell them on Mineral Water first. He always offers our visitors a drink of Mineral Water before a cup of tea. He tells everyone it makes you happy not nasty and naughty.

I am not one to BRAG about a product – but I am delighted with the difference it has made my family, especially with the variety of problems we have and the results we have observed.


Contents of Packaging / Parts Legend - top

ACE BIO portable water filter - components / parts

Parts Included:
  • 1 x Jug
  • 1 x Cap
  • 1 x Funnel
  • 3 x Sub Micron Pre Filter Holders - 2 x spare
  • 80 x Sub Micron Pre Filter
  • 1 x Upper Filter Holder
  • 4 x Upper Filters - each lasts 6 months, i.e. 2 years total
  • 1 x Funnel
  • 1 x Main Filter - lasts 2 years
  • 1 x Jug
  • Instruction Manual

ACE BIO PLUS - inside the box

ACE BIO PLUS filter kit
Awards & Certification - top

Waters Co Ltd (the manufacturer) operate a full time research centre, where some of the worlds leading scientists in their respective fields, examine water quality issues to ensure our commitment to you in making the best quality drinking water for your continued health.

Our products are a culmination of the equivalent of hundreds of years of scientific research, combined with ancient wisdom and nature's timeless principles.

No manufacturer of water filters has won as many awards for quality or as many high level endorsements & associations as Waters Co Ltd. Our products have been stringently tested, resulting in a number of certifications & quality awards from internationally recognised bodies including:

  • AwardsInternational Star Quality Awards (Geneva, Switzerland, Spain)
  • KQA (Korea Quality Assurance)
  • World Quality Commitment Award
  • International Gold Star For Quality Award
  • 17th & 18th International Trophy For Quality (Paris)
  • Most Environmentally Conservative Company (Korea Ministry of Environment)
  • CE (Conformite European)
  • NSF International (International standards testing of Water filtration products)
  • USA FDA (Food & Drug Administration)
  • Water Quality Association
  • USA EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)
  • Seoul Olympic Scientific Congress 1988
  • SEA Games XV Kuala Lumpur 1989
  • 6th Asian veteran Athletic Championships 1990 Brunei
  • Independence Games 1990, 11th Asian Games Beijing 1990
  • 11th World basketball Championships for Women 1990
  • 3rd Malaysia Games (SUKMA) in 1990, 1992, 1994, and 1996
  • 10th Asian Table Tennis Championships 1990
  • E.P.A Registration No 59063-KR-001
  • 1st Tasa International Games Bangkok 1992
  • 9th Asian Track Championships Kuala Lumpur
  • World Corporate Games Kuala Lumpur 1993
  • ISO 9001:14001 Certification

Specifications - top

Country of Manufacture South Korea
Brand Name

WATERS Co. Ltd - since 1977

Model ACE BIO PLUS Mineral Pot
Introduced in New Zealand 2017, September
Type Portable Water Filter
Usage Domestic and commercial use
Capacity - jug 1 litre
Capacity - funnel 900 ml
Filtration rate 4-6 litres per hour - [It takes approximately 10-16 minutes each cycle, i.e. to filter into the jug]
Weight - packaged 1.850 kg
Weight - unpackaged and empty 1.1 kg
Very easy to assemble Yes
Design & construction Very high quality
Material - most parts BPA free Perspex
Material - jug SAN - [Styrene Acrylonitrile Copolymers]
Unit dimensions - total size
Width 120 mm diameter at base
Height 290 mm assembled
Filter life cycle 4800 litres or 24 months - [Filter life span based on typical New Zealand municipal water and may vary based on average daily usage & quality of water being filtered]
Instruction manual ACE BIO PLUS Mineral Pot Water Filter - Instruction ManualYes 6 page, very well illustrated, comprehensive Instruction Manual:
  • How to assemble and use
  • How to replace the filters
  • Structure
  • Product composition - contents of packaging
  • Special reminders
  • Specifications
  • Filter lifespan table
Main filter life-span

2400 litres or 24 months:

  • based on average of 8 litres per day
  • variable based on usage and water quality
Replacement parts Yes, we carry a full range of Replacement Parts
Standards Standards

Warranty PeriodDomestic and Commercial Use
* Lifetime Limited Warranty
(Normal 'wear and tear' of parts is not covered by warranty)

Any servicing of this product is via our service agent in Kenepuru, Porirua, New Zealand

(* If the product is used according to warranty instructions and operating manual.)

Warranty Terms - (see 'Warranty Claims / Servicing' Tab)

  Width 255 mm
  Depth 198 mm
  Height 283 mm
Beautifully packaged
Beautifully packaged
Warranty - top

Warranty PeriodDomestic and Commercial Use
* Lifetime Limited Warranty
(Normal 'wear and tear' of parts is not covered by warranty)

Any servicing of this product is via our service agent in Kenepuru, Porirua, New Zealand

(* If the product is used according to warranty instructions and operating manual.)

Warranty Terms - (see 'Warranty Claims / Servicing' Tab)

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